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During fall, some pests start to look for a safe and warm place to go before winter’s cold weather arrives. These pests might choose your home for their winter haven, which can lead to trouble, including damage and disease. You’ll need professional Carlsbad NM pest control services if any of the following pests end up in your home this fall:


Mice and rats can squeeze or gnaw their way into your home for the winter. These rodents can spread disease and ruin the food in your home if they get inside. They can also damage wood and other items in your home.


Cockroaches are another pest that can spread disease in your home. These pests creep around looking for crumbs or other sources of food, as well as water.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are active all year round. These pests won’t make you sick, but their bites might trigger an allergic reaction.


Ants can either build a colony inside your home or travel to and from your home to bring food back to an outdoor nest. Different types of ants typically stay active unless the weather gets too cold for them.


Termites are also active in winter and can cause tremendous damage to the wood inside your home. This damage can lead to structural damage in severe cases if termite infestations aren’t treated.

If you need professional Carlsbad NM pest control services this fall, please contact Action Pest and Weed Management.