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Carlsbad Termite Control

Our Carlsbad termite control programs are designed to provide peace of mind coupled with a strong warranty.

Carlsbad Termite Control

What to Know About Subterranean Carlsbad termite colonies Found in New Mexico

Carlsbad Termite populations play a vital role in our ecosystem. They maintain nature’s balance by breaking down dead wood and other plant material. There are nearly 50 known termite species in North America and more than 2,600 worldwide. However, when termites invade homes, they become major pests and cause an estimated $5 billion dollars in damages in the United States each year. Billions more are spent on termite prevention and treatment, making them the most economically significant wood-destroying organisms in not just Carlsbad, New Mexico, but the United States.

An average Carlsbad home suffers $7,900 in damages before termites are detected and Carlsbad termite damage may not be covered by many homeowners’ insurance. Prevention is key. It is important to have annual inspections. Early discovery provides you a head start in solving this problem. 

Carlsbad Termite Warranty

Action Pest and Weed Management offers one of the most innovative and complete Carlsbad termite protection services. We combine a variety of termite control techniques into a single, comprehensive, and effective termite treatment program. It safeguards your home from termites by focusing on both the soil and the structure.



Our Mission is to provide the best Loving and Carlsbad pest control and termite control services for your home, family, pets and property while using the safest and most effective techniques.

Our guarantee is that you are happy with the results or we will promptly return to make it right!

Honesty, fairness, and integrity, we treat all customers with the respect that comes from starting and building long lasting relationships that benefit all involved. So, give us a call today and let us be of service to you!

Action Pest and Weed Management provides pest and weed control servicing all of Southeast New Mexico and West Texas from the Carlsbad, New Mexico area.