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Some pests come inside during the winter for warmth, while others flourish in the spring and march into your home as their colony expands. Carpenter ants lay mostly dormant until this time of year, when queens and drones start mating and worker ants pillage your property for food and water.

Carpenter ants destroy wood much like termites, but they don’t do much damage in the first year of a colony. Take action with Carlsbad pest control services before you’ve got shaking timber!

Why Carpenter Ants Come Out in Spring

Whereas termites actually eat wood, carpenter ants just chew it up. They eat food - mostly other insects – but also sugar and plants. Also, they're notoriously thirsty.

Carpenter ants in New Mexico are looking for water and moist wood. Obviously, summer in the Southwest can dry out trees and wood in the wild. Near humanity, they are more likely to find water and wetness.

Combine the environmental factors with the fact that carpenter ant queens lay eggs in the spring, and that’s why you see more ants this time of year.

Watch Out for Carpenter Ant Damage

Due to the potential for severe property damage, it’s worth knowing what carpenter ants look like. Check for hollow-sounding wood, infested tree stumps or lumber around the yard, and ants under kitchen sinks or other places with potentially wet wood.

No matter what kind of ants you have, contact us immediately for home or commercial Carlsbad pest control services!