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Kissing bugs might have an adorable name, but their behavior is far from cute. In fact, these bugs can end up getting you sick with Chagas disease after feeding on you. Find out more about this illness and when to get help from Carlsbad pest control professionals.

What Are Kissing Bugs?

Kissing bugs are small black or dark brown bugs that have orange or reddish markings on them. They get their name from their tendency to feed on people near the mouth. These pests hide during the day, then bite people and feed on their blood at night.

What Is Chagas Disease?

This is a potentially serious illness caused by a parasite that kissing bugs carry. Chagas disease can cause no symptoms or mild symptoms in the early stages. In some people, it can cause serious heart and digestive problems ten or twenty years after the initial infection.

Kissing Bugs and Chagas Disease

Kissing bugs can leave parasites behind when they feed on you. Scratching your skin from their bites makes it easy for these parasites to get inside your body and cause an infection.

You can protect yourself from this disease by lowering your risk of having kissing bugs in your home. Close up small openings and gaps that these bugs can get through. Move wood piles and rocks away from your home’s exterior.

If you have kissing bugs on your property, contact Action Pest Control. Our team provides dependable Carlsbad pest control for kissing bugs and other pests.