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Feeling parched during summer in the desert? Mosquitoes feel the same way. Although they usually hang around pools of stagnant water, they are not immune to dehydration. And when they’re thirsty, they are thirsty for blood. Carlsbad pest control can help if you’ve been getting bitten by mosquitoes or swatting at them around your home or business.

Why Do Mosquitoes Bite?

Usually, mosquito mothers bite to get a blood meal that they then feed to their brood. And some people simply attract mosquitoes more than other people do, for reasons related to genetics and pheromones.

New research shows that mosquitoes get more aggressive when thirsty. In fact, they’re 500% more likely to bite when dehydrated.

Dry weather like we have in New Mexico can make the problem appear very quickly. We don’t need to be in the middle of a drought for mosquitoes to get hungry for blood. Mosquitoes can get thirsty after just a few hours of dryness. In other words, you can expect to need Carlsbad pest control through most of the mosquito season.

How to Handle Mosquitoes in Summer

Although dehydration makes mosquitoes attack, it’s still not a good idea to leave water sitting out. Empty outdoor containers (birdbaths, buckets, swing sets, etc.) after a rain.

Action Pest and Weed Management can then clear your property of mosquitoes with fog treatments and targeted insecticides that wipe out the adults and their eggs. We offer safe residential pest control in Eddy County as well as commercial pest control in the Carlsbad area.

Swatting away thirsty mosquitoes? We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our results. Contact us today for Carlsbad pest control and mosquito treatments.