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When you travel, are you worried about bringing home unwanted house guests in the form of bed bugs? According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), information about Carlsbad pest control is the first step toward effective prevention. Here are the EPA's top tips for avoiding bed bugs on the road.

How to Protect Against Bed Bugs When Traveling

– Use your cellphone's flashlight to thoroughly examine your hotel room for signs of bed bugs. Pay particular attention to the mattress, bedding, headboard and luggage rack. Even if you don't see any actual bed bugs, small reddish or dark stains could indicate their presence.

– Notify hotel staff at once if you find evidence of bed bugs.

– Place bags in the bathtub before inspecting luggage racks. Never place bags on the bed or floor, and keep them closed when not in use.

– When you return home, unpack luggage directly into the washing machine. The high heat of the dryer will destroy any bed bugs that may be in your clothing.

– Inspect empty bags carefully. Store luggage in the basement, garage or any other place far away from the bedroom.

– The EPA has these tips and other helpful information about bed bugs you can print out and carry in convenient business card size.

Safe and Effective Carlsbad Pest Control

Bed bugs make inconsiderate visitors, but you don't have to handle them alone. Contact Action Pest and Weed Management to schedule a free inspection by our professional Carlsbad pest control technicians.