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The first few weeks of spring can feel heaven-sent. Warmth and fresh air, blooming greenery, and fun in the sun… Until mosquitoes start coming to the party. How is it they seem to pop-up in massive quantities overnight? Carlsbad pest control pros know where insects hide over the winter – and what you can do to show them the door.

Where Do Mosquitoes Go Over the Winter?

In the winter, the 200+ breeds of mosquitoes across the U.S. hibernate. Just like bears, they wake up when the weather is warm, and they’re hungry. If you don’t protect your home, they really can show up overnight, as soon as temperatures stay above 50-degrees consistently. Even mosquito eggs remain dormant in the winter. Typically cold-hardy, they’ll wait to hatch in the spring.

Out for Blood

Once they awake from their long nap, the mosquito feeding frenzy begins, forcing you and your family to retreat from your outdoor springtime activities to avoid suffering itchy, painful bites and deadly mosquito-borne diseases like West Nile, Zika, and Dengue. 

How Can You Keep These Biting Bugs at Bay?

Mosquito defense begins in your yard. Stagnant water, even miniscule amounts, where mosquitoes lay eggs must be eliminated. Active mosquito control methods must also be employed year-round to control your yard’s mosquito population and eliminate these bothersome pests.

Itching to ditch the mosquitoes taking over your yard? Give them the boot with the help of the Carlsbad pest control experts at Elite Pest Control today.