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Getting attacked by fire ants is one of the most unpleasant experiences you can have while walking around your yard. In New Mexico, there are a few species of fire ants that homeowners need to watch for. Keep the following fire ant species information in mind, and don’t hesitate to get professional Carlsbad pest control if you have any on your property.

Fire Ant Species

The three species of fire ants that are found in New Mexico include Solenopsis xyloni, Solenopsis amblychila and Solenopsis aurea. The aurea species has a gold coloring, while the amblychila species has a toothless mouthpart. The xyloni species typically has a reddish-yellow head and thorax and black coloring on the abdomen, although some are entirely brownish or orangish in color.

Fire Ant Range

You’re most likely to encounter the xyloni species, since they're more widely distributed. The amblychila species is found more often in higher elevations. The aurea species is found at lower elevations, but this species is less widely spread than the xyloni species.

Fire Ant Behavior

All three species of fire ants are known to be aggressive when it comes to defending their nest and while searching for food. These ants will deliver painful stings to any threats near their nest, which makes it important to eliminate them as soon as possible.

If you’re dealing with fire ants in your yard, contact Action Pest Control for help right away. Our Carlsbad pest control team can get rid of these biting pests for you.