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Did you head home for the holidays along with unwanted pests? Bed bugs take advantage of peak travel times to seek out new surroundings. Leave these pests stranded by the wayside with these helpful tips from our Carlsbad pest control experts.

Tips to Avoid Bed Bugs When Traveling

– Check online hotel review sites for past reports of bed bugs. Keep in mind that people may have ulterior motives for posting bad reviews. Consider tone and specificity when evaluating reports.

– Bed bugs have difficulty climbing, so keep luggage off the floor on a rack, shelf or even in a bathtub.

– Carefully inspect beds for exoskeletons, fecal matter and other signs. Pay close attention to headboards, mattress seams and underneath box springs.

– If you find anything indicating possible presence of bed bugs, request another room.

– When you return home, check bags inside and out for signs of bed bugs.

– Heat is one of the more effective ways to eliminate bed bugs. When you return home, wash laundry in hot water and dry on a high heat setting. Run clean clothing through the high heat setting for at least 30 minutes.

– Don’t rely on foggers and other commercial products to solve a bed bug problem. These items aren’t usually powerful enough to be fatal, or their use could simply cause them to scatter throughout the house.

Turn to Action Pest for Effective Carlsbad Pest Control

Bed bugs are no match for our comprehensive Carlsbad pest control programs. Contact us for more information.