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You don’t need to wait until you’re dealing with a pest infestation to look into Carlsbad pest control services. Taking a proactive approach to pest management can help lower your risk of having a problem with bugs, rodents and other pests. Integrated pest management provides an effective way to do this, along with the following benefits:

Integrated Pest Management

This type of service involves the use of non-chemical pest control methods, such as sanitation and trapping. Pesticides are sometimes used, but this only happens when absolutely necessary. With this type of approach, you can significantly lower your risk of having ants, cockroaches, rats, mice and other pests.

Non-Toxic Pest Control

Some property owners are hesitant about using pesticide products on pests, since the chemicals in them could be harmful to kids and pets. Others prefer to focus on using non-toxic pest control methods overall. Integrated pest management emphasizes the use of non-toxic pest control, so that there’s a lower risk of needing pesticides for an infestation.

Pest Prevention

Integrated pest management helps reduce the risk of having pest infestations to deal with. This type of service might involve taking steps to prevent pests, such as identifying possible entry points and sealing them up or removing sources of water needed by pests.

If you want more information on integrated pest management, please contact Action Pest and Weed Management. We offer dependable Carlsbad pest control to help your property stay free of infestations.