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Weeds can quickly take over your yard if you don’t keep up with eliminating or controlling them. Which weeds do you need to worry about the most in the Carlsbad area? Find out more about two types of weeds that you might need professional Carlsbad weed control to keep your property looking its best.

Field Bindweed

Field bindweed is a spreading perennial that is highly challenging to get under control. You can recognize this weed from its white or pink bell-shaped flowers and arrowhead-shaped leaves. Field bindweed has a vine-like stem that wraps around other stems or other plants. In some cases, this weed ends up growing along the ground.

Field bindweed usually begins to grow in March or April if temperatures are warm enough. Spring and fall are the ideal times to get this weed under control before it has a chance to grow.


Locoweeds, also known as crazy weeds, are more than an eyesore. These weeds can be toxic to livestock that ingest them. This is more likely to happen after a wet winter or spring.

In order to control locoweed, you’ll need to know which species is growing on your property. It’s best to leave this to professional weed control experts to ensure that this weed is properly managed. This helps lower the risk of having livestock harmed from eating these weeds.

If you need Carlsbad weed control for your property, please contact Action Pest and Weed Management today.