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New Mexico's plentiful oil fields attract a wide range of insects and wildlife, making them a specific target for Carlsbad commercial pest control. Here are some of the intruders you might expect to find in oil fields and adjacent facilities.

What Makes Oil Fields so Attractive to Pests?

– Oil field offices stand on open land, providing a convenient home for spiders, ants, rodents and other pests seeking ready cover. 

– In addition to insects, pipe yards can house larger pests such as snakes, gophers and armadillos.

– On-site dormitories afford warmth, food and water for pests in much the same way as residential and commercial buildings.

– Machinery and equipment contain a myriad of nooks and crannies where insects and smaller wildlife can hide away. 

– The vast amounts of vacant land in oil fields are prone to excessive weed growth, which creates a dual problem. Weeds provide cover for rabbits, squirrels and all sizes of pests. They also hide pipes, stray tools and other hazards that cause injury risk for workers.

The #1 Choice for Carlsbad Commercial Pest Control in Oil Fields

When it comes to oil fields, their unique nature means pest elimination isn't enough. Preventive barriers and other measures must be implemented and maintained for ongoing safety and protection. 

We can provide professional services to effectively handle both pest and weed control for your Carlsbad oil fields. Get started on the road to pest-free facilities. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your inspection.