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When fall and winter arrive in the Carlsbad area, you’re not off the hook when it comes to dealing with pests. Local temperatures are usually warm enough to allow many types of pests to continue to thrive. Find out more about why you might need Carlsbad NM pest control even when the weather gets cooler.

Fall and Winter Behavior

How do pests in the Carlsbad area spend the fall and winter months? Rats, mice and other rodents, along with many insects, look for a sheltered area to call home during this time of the year. Colder temperatures outside mean that they tend to head to an indoor spot for warmth, water and food. If these pests are able to find a way into your home, you could end up with fall and winter guests that you don’t want. Keep in mind that some pests go dormant or mainly stay inside walls until spring arrives.

Pest Prevention Tips

Rodents and insects can get into homes through cracks and tiny gaps anywhere on your home’s exterior, including around doors and windows. Sealing up these openings makes it much harder for them to get in. Fixing leaks, sweeping up crumbs and finding other ways to eliminate food and water sources for these pests can also discourage them from using your home as shelter during the fall and winter months.

If you need Carlsbad NM pest control this fall or winter, please contact Action Pest and Weed Management.