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In the dry climate of New Mexico, cockroaches are especially likely to nest near a water source. In addition to bringing in Carlsbad pest control to eliminate an infestation, it’s important to fix plumbing leaks and remove standing water.

What Do Cockroaches Need to Survive?

When meaty and sugary foods aren’t around, cockroaches will happily chow down on natural substances like hair or paper.

Just like other animals, roaches also need water to survive. In fact, they can survive on just water for much longer than they can live without water.

Fortunately, it’s easier to keep cockroaches away from water than it is from food. There will always be trace amounts of food available in a trash can or pantry. But you can wipe down the sink, plug holes, seal leaky pipes, and fix a dripping faucet!

Look for Cockroaches Near Water

Our Carlsbad pest control team has seen it all, so we know you have to dig deep to get rid of cockroaches. In the kitchen, pull out everything from under the kitchen sink and around any other water sources.

Then, look for roaches or eggs and try to spot leaky plumbing. For a stubborn roach problem, you might want to look behind the dishwasher, refrigerator, and any other appliances with water lines.

Take Control with Carlsbad Pest Control

Cockroaches are notoriously adaptable, so it can be hard to eliminate them completely just by keeping things clean and dry.

Jumpstart your efforts and contact us to schedule Carlsbad pest control for cockroaches. We’ll bait or spray to kill the current population and give advice on how to keep roaches from coming back!