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Ever had the frustration of pulling out your favorite sweater only to find a moth hole eaten right into the front of it? Use these helpful Carlsbad pest control tips to protect clothes and carpeting from fabric-eating beetles and moths.

Tips to Prevent Damage from Fabric-Eating Insects

When it comes to fabric damage, hungry larvae – not fully-grown insects – are the guilty parties. Clothes Moth larvae are relatively stationary, but Carpet Beetle larvae will actually travel from one spot to another.

Damage control largely involves preventing insect larvae from attaching to their fabric of choice:

• Vacuum carpets and upholstered furniture frequently, especially if you have pets.

• Food and body oil stains attract insects. Make sure clothing is clean before storing in tight-fitting, carefully sealed containers. Treat with moth repellent according to manufacturer’s instructions.

• Wash clothing before use after removing from storage. Any unwashable items should be aired out for several days.

• In case of infestation, remove affected items immediately. Vacuum and wash all surfaces thoroughly to prevent spread of contamination.

• Apply insecticide only to cracks, crevices and infested areas, avoiding walls and shelves.

• Never spray insecticide directly on clothing or bedding. Laundering in hot water or dry-cleaning will effectively kill insects in any stage of development.

• Safely dispose of heavily-infested items.

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