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Ever seen an outdoor cat huddling under a car for warmth in the winter? Rodents have the same idea—but while they’re there, they might as well start eating the wiring or upholstery. When traps don’t work, call on a Carlsbad pest control service to help keep mice and rats away from your vehicle.

Why Do Rodents Get Inside Vehicles?

If it seems like rodents were never interested in your car before, there’s a reason for that. Environmentally friendly efforts from auto manufacturers have included the use of biodegradable materials where possible. That means your car might have some stuff that’s edible to rodents. These include:

– Coconut fiber seat cushions

– Sisal or flax insulation

– Soy-based wiring jackets

– Other “bioplastic” car parts

Signs You Need Carlsbad Rodent Control

If rats are eating your engine wiring, you might have trouble starting the car. Other electrical systems could be failing or struggling. You might also notice droppings under the car or around your garage or carport.

As a first step, you might try leaving traps or rat poison—but that can be dangerous for your pets. Outdoor parking spots are likely to attract future rodents anyway.

A visit from our Carlsbad pest control experts can help you find a long-lasting solution to prevent rodents from getting under your car hood. Apartments and office parking lots might even need a full rodent control system.

Protect your vehicle and avoid the nightmare of rodents eating auto parts, and contact us today for Carlsbad pest control.