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Scorpions are some of the most hated pests in the world. Their stings are incredibly painful, which is why Carlsbad New Mexico pest control companies often get called to deal with them. If you’re a homeowner, and you’ve found scorpions in your home, don’t panic! The professionals are here to get rid of them for you. But it might help you to learn some more about them.

New Mexico Scorpions

It may be hard to believe, but there are about 25 different types of scorpions in our state. But only one of them is venomous, and that’s the bark scorpion. Fortunately, you’re not very likely to find this one in most of New Mexico. Many years ago, two people in Arizona died after being stung by bark scorpions.

All of them can sting, and when they do, it really hurts. It helps to know how to keep them away from and out of your home.

Scorpion Advice From Your Carlsbad New Mexico Pest Control Experts

If you have areas of high moisture outside your home, you’re likely to see scorpions. These areas can include:

• Under stones

• In trash

• Inside rotting logs

• In leaf piles

Getting rid of all of the above is a great step toward preventing scorpions. It’s also a good idea to rid your basement of any moisture so they won’t be drawn there.

Your Carlsbad New Mexico pest control specialists are here to help rid your home of scorpions and other nuisance pests. Contact us right away.