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Even if you don’t suffer from arachnophobia, you certainly don't want spiders lurking around your home. New Mexico has numerous native and invasive species of spiders that can deliver painful bites that may require medical attention. Be on the safe side and call for Carlsbad pest control if you spot any of these spiders in your home!

Black Widows and Brown Recluses in New Mexico

Two of the most venomous spiders inhabit the Carlsbad area: the black widow and brown recluse.

Black widows are solid black and about one and a half inches long. They have thin legs and a red hourglass marking on their undersides.

Brown recluses are roughly half an inch and actually range in color from pale yellow to dark brown. There’s a violin-shaped marking on their backs. Unlike most spiders with eight eyes, the brown recluse has six.

More Dangerous Spiders in Carlsbad

Look out for these pests that leave painful bites, too:

• Wolf Spider: Brown and tan, furry body.

• Garden Spider: Often striped black and yellow, spin webs in grass.

• Barn Funnel Weaver Spider: Reddish brown head, pink abdomen; found in garages.

• Tarantulas: Famously large spiders with bee-like venom; only attack if provoked.

Some people leave spiders alone because they help control other pests, but this is an imperfect solution. Carlsbad pest control services can get rid of spiders and other bugs. That way the spiders will definitely be gone because we’ve taken away their food.

For help identifying and eliminating spiders, please schedule a free inspection for Carlsbad pest control!