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Undesirable plants and greenery proliferate so quickly that we commonly use the phrase, "growing like a weed." Now that summer is almost here, our Carlsbad pest control experts share important information you should know about weeds that are likely to turn up around your industrial facility.

Facts about Summer Weeds in Carlsbad

Summer weed varieties include crabgrass, goose grass, fox tail and sand bur. They begin germinating in the spring, just about the time winter weeds die out. The cycle usually starts in late March or early April once soil temperatures reach 55°F to 60°F for about one week. 

Seeds will continue to germinate throughout the summer until they die off at the first frost and winter weeds take over. Head off germination with an application of pre-emergent herbicide, followed by a second application 90 to 100 days later if there is a large seed production from the previous year.

With four species including green, giant, yellow and barley, fox tail is the most stubborn summer weed found in Carlsbad and Eddy County. Each type germinates at different times in that specific order, and fox tail barley almost qualifies as a winter weed. If fox tail grows on the grounds of your industrial facility,  apply a pre-emergent pesticide every 90 days from spring through fall.

Turn to Action Pest Control for Weed Management

Our Carlsbad pest control team uses EPA-registered chemicals for safe and effective year-round weed management. Get ready for summer and contact us today to schedule an appointment.