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Termites are a lot like beavers, except they actually eat wood instead of just building a home with it. They’re also a lot less cute. Wherever the land has been developed, they unleash their destruction on our house frames and drywall. Most situations call for a Carlsbad pest control service for termite extermination.

Termites in New Mexico are most often the arid-land subterranean termites, which like to eat native plants such as creosote bushes. They are less catastrophic than other species of termites. However, over our years of experience, we have also seen plenty of more destructive eastern subterranean termites.

Identifying Termites in Carlsbad

Our termites in New Mexico can range in color from translucent yellow to dark brown depending on age. Setting them apart, arid-land termites have a dark or black tibia. That’s the lower leg just above their tiny feet. Eastern termites have pale-colored legs.

You’ll want to get rid of them either way, but contact your Carlsbad pest control company for help with eradicating a termite problem!

Getting Rid of Carlsbad Termites

As with any pest problem, a termite colony on your property means you need to both get rid of them and prevent them from coming back. We do this by treating the soil around your home and also baiting with termiticide. We only use EPA-registered products.

If you’ve seen flying termites, hollow wood, sawdust holes, or any other signs of a termite problem, schedule service with Carlsbad pest control.