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New Mexico is home to several types of ants, and one more could soon be joining them. Invasive bigheaded ants have been found in California and could end up making their way to New Mexico. Will you need Carlsbad pest control for these ants? Find out more about bigheaded ants, so you can keep an eye out for them.

What Do Bigheaded Ants Look Like?

These ants are known for their abnormally large heads, although not all colony members have this feature. The soldier or worker ants in these colonies are the ones that have oversized heads. Bigheaded ants have a reddish-brown coloring and range in size. Soldiers are much larger than minor workers in these ant colonies.

What Do Bigheaded Ants Eat?

Bigheaded ants have a tendency to go after sweet foods and liquids, including honeydews. They’ll also feed on invertebrates that live in soil and dead insects that they come across.

Where Do Bigheaded Ants Live?

Bigheaded ants tend to build nests in places that offer ideal conditions for them, such as underground or in flowerbeds. In some cases, they’ll build nests under bricks or cement or along walkways. These ants came from Africa originally, but they have managed to reach certain parts of the U.S., including Florida, Hawaii and California.

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