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During the winter months, you might not be safe from certain types of pests. In fact, some pests become more common in homes when it’s colder outside. You could end up needing professional Carlsbad pest control services this winter for any of the following pests:


Mice and rats usually don’t stay outside as much during winter as they do in summer. These rodents prefer being in a place that offers warmth and shelter, as well as access to food. Rats and mice might look for ways to get into your home, such as through cracks, when it’s cold. Keep in mind that these pests can carry diseases, so it’s important to deal with a rodent problem right away.

Bed Bugs

No matter how cold it gets outside, this won’t keep you safe from a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs are active all year long if they have a warm place to stay and plenty of food. Since they feed on blood, you and your family could be bitten by these pests throughout the winter months. Bed bugs can easily get into your home on clothes and other items.


Cockroaches can end up being unwanted winter guests in your home as they try to get out of the cold. German cockroaches and other types of roaches can get inside through gaps and spread germs while they look for food and water.

If you need Carlsbad pest control this winter for rodents or bugs, contact Action Pest Control.