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Weeds usually need to be dealt with promptly to stop them from getting out of control. Which weeds should you be worried about the most on your Carlsbad property? You might find yourself needing Carlsbad New Mexico pest control and weed control services if you’re dealing with any of these common weeds.

Russian Olive

Russian olive is a shrub or tree found in desert shrublands, woodlands, grasslands and similar areas. This weed has up to six main trunks or stems with brownish or grayish bark. The flowers that grow on this weed appear in groups and typically have white or yellow petals.


Saltcedar is a small tree or shrub that you might find close to streams, lakes, ponds and rivers or on rangelands and near roadsides. Also known as tamarisk, this weed has trunks that often have rough bark and several branching twigs and stems. Saltcedar produces small flowers that are white or pink.

Siberian Elm

Siberian elm, also known as dwarf elm or Asiatic elm, is found in grasslands, near water, in open fields and in pastures. This tree has grayish bark with branching stems that are a greenish color. The flowers on this tree are small and usually greenish, and they typically grow in clusters that droop.

When you’re looking for Carlsbad New Mexico pest control and weed control, contact Action Pest and Weed Management. Our experts can eliminate weeds and pests from your property.