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While the term "carpenter ants" may sound constructive, these pests are anything but. Our Carlsbad carpenter ant exterminator shares information about the appearance, habits and destructive behavior of this common insect.

Physical Characteristics

Carpenter ants are relatively large, usually just over half an inch in length, with black or black and red bodies. Winged queen carpenter ants may grow as large as one inch.

Colony Behavior

Carpenter ant colonies consist of female queens, male swarmers and workers. Smaller workers tend to the young and forage for food, while larger workers defend against predators.

During spring, male swarmers fly out and mate with queens. Afterwards, the males die while the queens shed their wings and search for a site to nest and build their colony.

Signs of Carpenter Ants

Outdoor carpenter ant colonies are often found in moist, decayed wood such as tree stumps or fallen logs. Since they prefer damp areas, indoor colonies tend to be in basements, near plumbing and vents or along outside walls.

Carpenter ants don't actually eat wood. They dig through it to create smooth honeycomb-like tunnels for their nests. As a result, small piles of coarse sawdust may indicate their presence. 

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