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Why do ants always pop up in the spring? Understanding why spring is prime time for ant activity can help you prevent an infestation. Get the information you need with the help of the Carlsbad pest control experts at Elite and keep ants at bay.

Why Warm Spring Weather Prompts Insect Activity

Like many other animals and insects that hibernate over the winter, most ant species do as well. When weather warms and food is more plentiful, ants wake up from their winter rest and are driven to find water and food to feast upon. Unfortunately, sometimes this is your house. Rainy spring weather can often worsen this scenario, as ants stick around in your home seeking shelter from spring rain showers. Once ants discover the comfy, hospitable environment of your home, they become frequent visitors.

How to Nip Spring Ant Infestations in the Bud

Since ants are primarily attracted to water and food sources in your home, eliminating these is the first step in preventing spring ant infestations. Remain vigilant, keeping kitchen, dining, and trash areas free of food particles, particularly the sweet foods and sticky juices that ants love. Store pantry items in tightly-sealed, hard-sided containers. Then eliminate access by carefully sealing cracks and crevices around doors, windows, plumbing fixtures, outlets, and where ceiling and walls meet. Ants are experts at infiltrating your home through these tiny cracks and crevices.  

Keep ants from getting cozy in your home. Contact the Carlsbad pest control pros at Elite Pest Controltoday.