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When you think of pests that go after food, ants and flies aren’t the only ones you should be worried about. There are several other kinds of pantry pests that can get into your food supplies and ruin them, including gnats, beetles and even moths.

Keep the following information on meal moths in mind in case you need Carlsbad pest control for this common pantry pest.

What Do Meal Moths Look Like?

How can you tell if you have meal moths in your pantry? These bugs grow to be a half-inch to just over an inch long as adults. They range in color from brown and tan to white, and you might see them flying around your pantry shelves.

Meal moths typically have darker coloring in the center of their wings. When they are still in the caterpillar stage, they have white coloring on their body and a brown head. You might find meal moth caterpillars in boxes or bags that are filled with grains.

What Do Meal Moths Eat?

Meal moths tend to feed on grains, including wheat, rice and barley. These moths need certain conditions in order to thrive, and unfortunately household pantries often provide them. Keep in mind that you can have meal moths in your pantry during any time of the year.

If pantry pests are a problem in your home, Action Pest Control is here to help. Contact us to learn more about our Carlsbad pest control services.