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You might be used to seeing small centipedes crawling around, but did you know that much larger ones could be lurking about? The giant desert centipede grows to be much bigger than house centipedes. Find out how worried you should be about these centipedes and when to hire Carlsbad NM pest control to eliminate them.

Identifying Giant Desert Centipedes

Giant desert centipedes can grow to be up to nine inches long, with 6.5 inches being the average length. These centipedes have a head and upper body that are reddish and a lower body that is black, although their coloring can vary. Giant desert centipedes have 20 pairs of yellowish legs and a pair of black legs that they use to capture and sting their prey.

Finding Giant Desert Centipedes

You might have these bugs in your basement or crawl space if they find a way inside, such as through gaps in your home’s exterior. However, they usually stay outdoors near compost piles, wood piles, stones and logs. If you do have them in your home, you’re only likely to see a few of them overall. While these centipedes have pincers, they usually don’t sting people. If they do sting, you might experience mild symptoms, such as headaches, if you’re sensitive to their venom.

If you’re having a problem with giant desert centipedes or other pests, contact Action Pest and Weed Management. Our team is ready to provide you with dependable Carlsbad NM pest control services.