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A lot of rats in New Mexico carry the Hantavirus, so if you have a rat problem in your home or at your business, it’s definitely not something you should let go. Remember, Carlsbad pest control experts are always here to lend a hand and help rid you of your rat problem. But there are several things you should know about this terrible illness.

People in New Mexico are Dying From the Hantavirus

In June of 2016, four people had already died that year from the Hantavirus in New Mexico. That number was much higher than in previous years, although rats have been found with Hantavirus since 1993.

People may not get medical help as soon as they start to show symptoms because they are often mistaken for the flu. The symptoms of Hantavirus include:

• Fever

• Muscle aches and pains

• Stomach pain

• A chronic cough

• Nausea

• Diarrhea

• Vomiting

• Chills

• Headaches

These symptoms will generally progress until they turn into respiratory problems.

Is There a Way to Treat Hantavirus?

While the CDC states that there are no specific treatments or vaccines for this illness, people who get help early may improve. They typically need to be treated in an intensive care unit with oxygen to help with the respiratory distress that Hantavirus causes.

Contact Carlsbad Pest Control Specialists Right Away

If you have a rat problem, you and your family could be at risk for Hantavirus. Your Carlsbad pest control professionals can help. Contact us for your free inspection.