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The term “camel” conjures up visions of faraway desert lands, but the camel cricket is a real target of Carlsbad pest control right here in New Mexico. Here are some facts you should know about this distinctive-looking insect.

Physical Appearance

Like its namesake mammal, camel crickets have a prominent hump on their back, although it has nothing to do with water storage. Camel crickets are usually brown and occasionally display dark spots or bands. Other features include long, slender antennae and back legs that are lengthier than the rest of the body.

Surprisingly, with their lack of wings and absence of chirping, camel crickets are not true crickets. Scientists speculate that camel crickets hear nothing at all due to an absence of inner ears.

Habitat and Behavior

Camel crickets are sometimes referred to as cave crickets because they prefer dark, damp places. As nocturnal insects, camel crickets rely heavily on the sense of touch thanks to their long antennae, and their long legs allow them to quickly jump away from predators.

The diet of camel crickets consists of organic matter such as leaves, fungi and dead insects, including their own species. While camel crickets don’t pose a health risk, they have been known to eat household fabrics, including curtains and clothes.

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