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Scorpions aren’t just critters that you have to worry about encountering out in the desert. These spider relatives can be found right here in Carlsbad. How worried should you be about them? Learn more about scorpions in New Mexico so you can take steps to avoid them. Otherwise, you’ll need Carlsbad pest control experts to help you get rid of them.

Types of Scorpions

There’s good news and bad news when it comes to scorpions found in New Mexico. Most of the types that are around the area don’t have a venomous sting. However, the bark scorpion does have a sting that can be potentially deadly. While this might scare you, keep in mind that these scorpions are only found in the southwestern part of the state rather than in our southeastern area. Other scorpion species you might run into include the giant or desert hair scorpion and the striped tail scorpion.

Preventing Scorpion Problems

There are steps you can take to reduce your risk of having scorpions around. You should keep bushes and shrubs trimmed, and clear away hanging tree branches that are near your home’s exterior. Make sure doors and windows have weather stripping to make it harder for scorpions to get inside. You should also use caulk to seal up any gaps or openings in your home’s foundation to keep scorpions out.

If you need Carlsbad pest control for scorpions, call Action Pest Control right away. We’ll eliminate these pests from your property.